Wilson House, William Kesling, Builder/Designer, 1936
One of only a handful of remaining William Kesling’s ‘Modern Structures’ built in Silver Lake between 1935 and 1937, the Wilson House is a fine expression of the ‘Streamline Moderne’ style that Kesling brought within reach of the average homebuyer in 1936 (the original cost: $3,590).Many of Kesling’s Silver Lake homes were built on relatively small, steep hillside lots. Note that the front of the house, as seen in this photo, has a narrow band of horizontal windows, elevated for privacy (while allowing light), while the back of the house has walls of glass to maximize the view, as will be seen in subsequent photographs.The restored home, located at 1831 Fanning Street, has recently (October 2006) come on the market for $1,199,000. Thanks to Richard Stanley, the realtor who has the listing on the home, for giving me the opportunity to take these photos. Richard also advises that the house, described in Patrick Pascal’s fascinating book on William Kesling, ‘Kesling Modern Structures’, as the ‘Hunter House’, is really the ‘Wilson House’, as described in the building permit. Thank you, Richard for your excellent research!

Exterior View (rear). This photo demonstrates Kesling’s use of custom, horizontal casement windows, constructed in bands, a classic detail of the Streamline Moderne Style.

Interior View. Note the ‘ship’s railing’ to the lower level, a popular feature of the ‘Streamline Moderne’ style, evoking an ocean liner theme.

Fireplace Detail. Kesling economized at many levels, as appropriate to the cost of his homes. Some details, however, are extraordinary as can be seen in this fireplace. Note the curving facade, the glazed and aluminum tiles and the built-in sofa covered in cowhide.

Between 1933 and 1940, Rudolf Schindler designed four distinctive homes in the beautiful Moreno Highlands section of Silver Lake. These great homes were all built to take advantage of their breathtaking views of the lake. Wilson House. located at 2090 Redcliff Street, can best be observed from Kenilworth Avenue below. The property was listed for sale in November 2005 at a price of $1,895,000.Scroll down this page for additional information and pictures of the Wilson House, featured in the MAK Tour of Modernist Homes in the Fall of 2005.