VDL Research House vdl

The experimental home where the Neutra family lived in Silver Lake, known as the Van der Leeuw Research House (VDL) in honor of Neutra’s patron, the young Dutch industrialist, Kees van der Leeuw. In the early 1930s, this home was the workshop for such distinguished architects as Gregory Ain, H.H. Harris, and Raphael Soriano all of whom served their architectural apprenticeship under the watchful eye of Richard Neutra.The original house, built in the pure International Style, was partially destroyed by fire in 1963, The present structure was rebuilt by Richard’s son, Dion Neutra on the original footprint. The house was willed by Dionne Niedermann Neutra, to the College of Environmental Design, California State Polytechnic University at Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona), which is charged with its restoration and maintenance, as well as a research center.The VDL Research House is located at 2300 Silver Lake Blvd. in Silver Lake. It was declared an Historic-Cultural Monument in the City of Los Angeles in 1997. (No. 640). To arrange a tour of the Center, call the University at (909) 869-2667.

VDL Research House