Declared a historic/cultural landmark in 1981, the bridge is noted for its Romanesque arches. It is also one of the most troubling areas of Silver Lake in that it has become a symbol of the homelessness problem that exists within Silver Lake.The Sunset Boulevard Bridge is located where Silver Lake Boulevard intersects with Sunset Boulevard. It was declared a Los Angeles Cutural-Heritage Monument in 1981 (No. 236).

Los Angeles Times – July 30, 1904

“The plans for the reconstruction of the Sunset Boulevard bridge, as drawn by the City Engineer, were yesterday adopted by the Board of Public Works. The bridge will be built across Lake Shore avenue [now Glendale Bvld.] and is necessitated by the difference in grade between Sunset Boulevard and Lake Shore avenue. The tracks of the Glendale electric line run on Lake Shore avenue and those of the Los Angeles-Pacific occupy a portion of the roadbed of Sunset boulevard. The present bridge is so low that the tracks of the Glendale line had to be laid below grade in order to allow the cars of the system to pass under the bridge. In order to overcome this difficulty the grade of Sunset boulevard is to be raised five feet and the new bridge built. The new bridge will be eighty feet in length whereas the present sturcture is but fifty feet long. The City Engineer estimates that the cost of building will be about $ 17,200 and the railway companies $7850”.

Sunset Boulevard Bridge, 1934

Another view of the Romesque arches and details of one of our historic monuments, Los Angeles City Historic/Cultural Monument Number 236, declared on April 9, 1981.