Save to DraftSave to Draft Written by David Watson
Sparkling one-act play offers a new twist on the classic love triangle
Limited Engagement Opens Friday, January 29 at the Lyric-Hyperion Theater in Silver Lake Directed by Benjamin Pohlmeier
We are thrilled to announce a compelling new voice in theater, David Watson, a former Madison Avenue wizard. And while it may be true that there are no new plots in the theatrical arena, there are, indeed, fascinating ways of looking at them. Watson’s ear for dialogue and insight into the human condition makes “Save to Draft” the must-see show of the New Year.

Marking Watson’s debut as a playwright, Save to Draft provides a novel spin on the classic relationship triangle – or rectangle – if you consider the role a Dustbuster plays in this uproariously twisted romance.
When Kurt – the human equivalent of Tesla’s Insane Mode – makes an unannounced visit to his friend Steve, he quickly discovers that Steve has just been blown off via email by his girlfriend, Gloria – not that Kurt was a fan of Gloria’s in the first place. Steve, mild mannered to a fault, has cobbled together an email response that is nothing short of pathetic, prompting Kurt to suggest he “save it to draft.”
Together, these buddies will craft a more “appropriate” reply.
What follows is a fast-paced, often bumpy ride as the duo examines, not only Steve’s relationship with Gloria, but also their relationship with each other. Was Kurt’s visit really unplanned? How loyal are guys, anyway? Was Steve blind to the realities of his relationship with Gloria?
A series of flashbacks between Steve and Gloria not only provide context – occasionally humorous, sometimes sad – but a look into the dynamics of dating in the 21st century. Is Kurt really the right guy to help save the relationship? Stay tuned – and beware the Dustbuster!
Starring: Joe Mellis as Kurt, Ellis Martin as Steve, and Marnie Pomerantz- MacLean as Gloria.
Opens Friday, January 29, 2016 at 8 pm and Runs through Sunday, February, 21, 2016.
Performs Fridays, 8 pm, Saturdays, 7 pm, Sundays, 3 pm
Running time: 70 minutes with no intermission. Please Note: There will be a reception immediately following the opening night performance!
Admission: $20.
Where: The Lyric-Hyperion Theater & Café 2106 Hyperion Avenue (Silver Lake)
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Street parking available and also in the lot adjacent to the theater for $5.
Reservations/Information: (800) 838-3006 Online: