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"The Silver Lake News" "Neighborhood Pictures" page contains literally thousands of pictures! Photos taken in and around Silver Lake at block parties, baby showers and weddings, park dedications and art gallery openings: you name it- photos of Silver Lake and Silver Lakers are featured on this page. The page is so large that you'll have to scroll down and search for the topics that interest you. Feel free to ADD your own photos in any category or start a category of your own! Here's your opportunity to show off your photography skills and share your experiences with others.

Pictured is Donna Locke with the newest member of our family, Maggie; we "met" her on Vermont Avenue on October 8, 2011. She was rescued by new friends Andre Canaparo and Maggie Lohn, who found her wandering around the streets of Gonzales, California. When no one claimed her, they brought her home to Los Angeles. Although they "temporarily" named her "Sweet Pea", we re-named her in honor of Maggie Lohn.
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