At the age of 64, Frank Parmelee retired from his position as President of the Parmellee Omnibus and Transfer Company in Chicago, and move to the sunnier climes of Los Angeles. In 1911, he purchased the entire southernly portion of the Elevado street property (with approximately 521 feet of street frontage) and commisioned architect Parmelee House, Frank T. Kegley, Architect 1912to design a home for he and his wife Meroe C. Parmelee. Kegley designed the home in the grand Tudor Revival style, with five bedrooms, four bathrooms and (at least) three fireplaces (one a Batchelder); as I recall, and over 5000 sq. ft. of living space. The square observation tower, shown here, was added at a later date, possibly the 1930s.Over time, parts of the property were sold off, resulting in the current 18,905 sq. ft. of land. The Parmelees later moved to the Ambassador Hotel, where Mr. Parmelee passed away on November 30, 1921.Little is known of the life and career of Franklin T. Kegley. He was born on June 25, 1886. He received a certificate to practice architecture in California in May 1010. He first appears in Los Angeles directories in 1912, residing in Ocean Park; his earliest work seems to have been concentrated in the Santa Monica area. By 1913 he was advertising his services as an architect with an office at 607 South Hill Street, Room 330. In November 1915, he entered into a partnership with H. Scott Gerrity, who had been an associate of the great Carlton Winslow. The partnership was evidently short-lived, since it disappears from the directories by 1920. Kegley joined the Southern California Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in 1929, and in later years lived with his wife Ouida and son Thomas at 530 Levering Avenue in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times published only a brief notice upon Mr. Kegley’s death on September 16, 1962 at the age if 76, referring to him at ‘Commander Kegley.’ His other works include the McCall Residence (originally built in 1910 on 2nd Street in Santa Monica but moved in 1962 to 219 West Channel Road)St. Anthony’s Catholic Church (with T. Foster Ena, Long Beach, 1913)Balguy Residence in Santa Monica (1913)St. James Catholic Church (Redondo Beach, 1914); and the Ocean Park Branch Library (2601 Main Street, Santa Monica, 1918).

The Parmelee House is located at 1623 Elevado Street in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.