Minaya House, Juan Minaya & Kamran Aryai, Architects 1996
Dominican-born Architect Juan Minaya and Kamran Aruai designed the Spanish Revival ‘dream’ house for Juan’s family. The construction began immediately after the Northridge Earthquake, an experience that led the architect to over-engineer the project for the sake of his family’s safety.The architect spent three years obsessively planning the home, capitalizing on every possible view. Ryan Hamilton & Ash Amer purchased the house in 2009, extensively renovating it over the course of the next year. The house is currently¬†(May 2011)¬†on the market and price at $1,699,000. Located at 1867 Lucile Ave

The main drawing room. The home is available with all furniture including grand piano; list price: $1,699,000.