For more than a quarter of a century, Michael Kearns has been at the forefront of the national dialogue on art and politics.  He is the 2005 Recipient of the Robert Chesley Lifetime Achievement Playwriting Award, part of the prestigious Triangle Awards.  Juggling a mainstream film and television career with a prolific career in the theatre, Kearns writes, performs, directs, produces and teaches.  He has written dozens of theatre pieces including Barriers, Blessings, and Who’s Afraid of Edward Albee?; his work as a solo artist has been acclaimed internationally (Intimacies, RockAttachments amongst the offerings); he is the author of five theatre books including T-Cells & Sympathy and the upcoming Life Expectancies.  Kearns is also a regular contributor to a number of magazines and newspapers including L.A. Parent and L.A. Weekly.  Kearns also co-wrote the screenplay and is featured in Nine Lives, a Dean Howell film.  He is the recipient of dozens of acting and humanitarian awards.  The City of Los Angeles recently awarded him with a grant to create his newest solo work, Make Love Not War, premiering June 4 (2005) at the Gallery Theatre in Los Angeles’ newly reopened Barnsdall Art Park.

The Kearns family epitomizes the cultural diversity that is Silver Lake.  Michael is a single, outspoken gay man and the father of Tia, an African-American daughter he adopted when she was five months old.  On the verge of her eleventh birthday, Tia is influenced by her dad’s artistic bent; she wants to be “an actress and a fashion designer.”

Kearns recently (2005) opened MICHAEL KEARNS WORKSPACE at 3929 Fountain in Silver Lake, a haven for artists of all stripes to express themselves (no longer in existence).  In addition to classes in acting and solo performance, Kearns produced Sundays @ Four Series featuring special guests and an open mic situation, on subjects ranging from sex to politics.  The SPACE also featured a gallery and is building a library of theatre memorabilia.  Kearns’ track record as a highly respected Los Angeles artist is the stuff of legends.