60755Stephen Box grew up in Queensland, Australia where both parents were Nazarene ministers. The small community church that his father built was where Stephen learned to take the first steps on his mission to leave the world a better place than he found it. Eventually the family sailed to America on the SS Canberra. They lived in Idaho, Missouri and finally settled in Southern California.

Stephen moved to Hollywood in the 90’s where he met his wife Enci and where he began work in the entertainment industry. As a producer Mr. Box quickly earned the reputation of delivering on schedule and under budget, exceeding expectations and raising the standard. He began to learn the overly complicated ways of doing business with City Hall while shooting videos such as KORN’s ‘Got the Life’ in the LA River or Tom Petty’s ‘Swingin’ at Johnnies on Wilshire Blvd. In business Stephen developed common ground solutions that bring people together. Over and over again Stephen found efficiencies in production only to encounter continual resistance from City Hall.  Little by little he learned to navigate the mountain of red tape our city forces upon the film industry. He demonstrated a knack for building relationships and developing solutions when facing closed doors and bureaucratic obstacles. That learning process has never stopped.  Having seen the waste that the entertainment industry created, Stephen Box produced a film in 2009 that established a sustainability standard on set, demonstrating that we can both encourage growth in the industry while raising the environmental standard.

As a community leader, Stephen Box has been building coalitions with neighborhood councils and homeowners associations, leading people from all walks of life, from San Pedro to Sylmar and Palms to Eagle Rock. Stephen is well known as an avid cyclist and transportation activist working to find untapped funding sources that get put directly back into local transportation projects. Stephen is particularly passionate about making our streets and sidewalks accessible for people using any number of transportation modes. Whether they walk, ride a bike, take the bus or drive a car, he is committed to ensuring that everybody, including our most vulnerable, are able to travel safely and free of fear.

Some may know Stephen Box as a budget activist, founder of Budget L.A., working to engage the public in the process of finding budget solutions. Last year Mr. Box attended every single budget hearing exceeding the record of many councilman, some of which failed to show up for even one. As a planning advocate Stephen has been fighting development run amok. Stephen loves the history of our great city and has been fighting for years to keep developers from encroaching on our neighborhoods and communities. You can find Stephen most days riding his bike to a neighborhood meeting or taking the metro to City Hall.