53837Music has always played a prominent part in the life of David Wheatley. From an early age, musical tradition and power of the pipe organ captured the attention of the young musician-to-be, as many of Bach�s most important works were written for the organ. Growing up in the Anglican Church with its ceremonial liturgy, the pipe organ played a prominent role in the worship music. His passion for music assured his eventual success. David attended the University of Toronto and the Royal Conservatory of Music. He also studied under the late Canadian composer and author Gordon Delamont.

After graduating from the University of North Texas, he attended the University of Southern California, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Composition. At USC, he started the prestigious Scoring for Motion Pictures Program, of which he also served as Director.

After living briefly in Redondo Beach and Encino, David realized he needed a home closer to USC, and found Silver Lake to be an independent-minded artist community closer to school. “I found Silver Lake to be the ideal place to put down roots”, David explains, “I first lived on Elevado Street near Sunset Blvd. I really liked the hills and the friendliness of the community, and I have been here ever since”. He currently lives with his wife in the Ivanhoe area. Their son attended Los Angeles Family School and Ivanhoe Elementary, and is now a freshman at USC.

“I’m a big fan of local Silver Lake establishments”, David says. Some of my favorite spots are Hard Times Pizza, the Coffee Table, Astro Family Restaurant and Rafik Unocal. I often debate whether to go to Trader Joe’s or Gelson’s on both, and I try to park in the appropriate lot, whenever possible. I have the same issue with Burrito King and Pinkberry.”

David’s passion for social justice has him involved in a myriad of interests. Presently, he is Chairperson of the Pasadena Tobacco Prevention Coalition. The group works to reduce access of tobacco products to minors. He has served on the board of Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, and has chaired the organization’s Congregational Outreach Committee.

David has toured with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra throughout the United States, performed the Bach Mass in B Minor. He performed the Vivaldi Gloria with conductor Josh Elson (First Christian Church of North Hollywood). He is presently composing Star of Wonder, with author and lyricist Deanne Davis, a new Christmas musical to be debuted in December 2009.

David may be heard in a series of concerts continuing at the First Christian Church of North Hollywood on June 7, 2009.