Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.19.10 PMWhen I first decided to do this column, three people told me I had to talk to the most famous person in Silverlake: Walking Man. Surely, you know who I mean. He can be seen anywhere, at any time, intently focused in a number of newspapers, power walking. Shirtless, with a mighty tan, he waddles with every step touring the town. He’s like a Seinfeld character!

Much to my surprise, while doing laundry near the Gelson’s, he walked right up to me to purchase newspapers. With a pleasant demeanor, Marc told me he was a doctor and said he would be happy to grant me an interview. I met him at his practice at 12626 Riverside in

The good doctor,
aka, The Walking
Man Valley Village to talk. He was busy with patients, walking even faster from one to the

other. During a brief stop to write a prescription, we talked.
ME: As you walk around Silverlake, what do you find to be your favorite spots?

MA: Everywhere. I love everywhere. I’ve known the neighborhood for 25 years, so I’ve seen a lot of changes, but it’s mostly the people that make Silverlake great.

ME: Do you stop and talk with folks?
MA: Sure. Everyone knows me, so if they want to talk, I stop and talk. ME: What is your route?

MA: I usually loop around the lake, and then go down West Silverlake to Rowena, and then Hyperion, and then Griffith Park Blvd. down Sunset, back down Silverlake to the reservoir, and then back and loop around the lake again. So it’s about 15 miles altogether.

ME: And always with the newspapers?
MA: Yep. That’s how I get my newspapers read.
ME: Have you ever had an accident from focusing so much on the paper?

MA: Actually, I did. I once walked into, I actually walked behind an SUV. I saw that it was three feet to the side of me and I walked right past it, back into the paper, so my head went down, and I hadn’t noticed that someone had lifted up the gate automatically by the remote. The gate went up and I smashed my head, literally took my scalp off. Bled like a pig. But that’s about the only accident I’ve ever had.

ME: With the fear of skin cancer these days, is there some sort of secret that you know of that allows you to walk around shirtless?

MA: I put 50 SPF on. I have it all over. I get a great tan, but I don’t burn. I have dark skin anyways, so. It doesn’t bother me.

ME: From the looks of your office today, it seems you never get a chance to sit.

MA: I don’t, I don’t. I like what I do, but it is very grueling. My walks and my exercise recharge my batteries. So, I basically can do what I do right now, knowing that when I get out and exercise, my mind is off of everything. I carry a cell phone, but, except for talking on the phone, my mind is just on reading, just relaxing and talking to folks.

ME: Have you always been athletic?
MA: Yeah. I played football, ran track, swam. Baseball in high school and college. Stayed

in shape.
ME: So, are you paying attention to the Olympics?

MA: Oh, yeah. Actually, I tape it. I have a satellite dish and a Tivo, so I just tape it. Fast forward through the parts I don’t want to watch, like gymnastics and stuff, to the parts I do want to watch, which is the stuff I did, track and field, and swimming. So, yeah, check it every night. Around three in the morning.

Tony Rago TheSilverLake News 8-21-04

Update, July 29, 2010:  Dr. Marc Abrams was found dead in his home hot tub on July 21, 2010.  T