Rose Sharlin Vintage Photo 3Rose Scharlin was the first director of the Rose Scharlin Cooperative Nursery School, the very first cooperative nursery school in the City of Los Angeles and  the model upon which other similar schools patterned themselves.  Founded in 1939 as the Echo Park Cooperative Nursery School, using the facilities of the Echo Park Playground. In March 1946 a number of its members decided to start a similar school for the Silver Lake area and broke away from the original group, taking with them as the new school’s director Mrs. Rose Scharlin. As a subject for our book project, Silver Lake Bohemia, the authors, Michael Locke and Vincent Brook, are looking for material to enhance the chapter on Rose Scharlin.  Especially helpful would be photos of Rose Scharlin herself, which up until now, we have not been able to locate.  If you know of anyone who may have known Rose or were early participants in the school’s history, please let us know.  Please contact Michael Locke by phone (323) 644-3338 or by email at  Rose Sharlin Vintage PhotoRose Sharlin School, October 2015 .0