Lipsman Tansey Residence, Barry Milofsky, M2A Architects Remodel 2004-2005 00 Lipsman Tansey Residence, Barry Milofsky, M2A Architects Remodel 2004-2005

The Challenge: to totally change the image and street presence of a rambling English bungalow ranch, incorporating the aesthetic needs of the owners, a widely recognized artist and his wife, one-time manager of the Bradbury Building, one of the most iconic architectural buildings in Los Angeles. From the beginning the primary architectural move seemed obvious, the superimposition of a singular element to create the new identity of the house; a continuous redwood clapboard wall. As a counterpoint to this horizontal element, three redwood shafts were superimposed in the roof to form a rhythmic progression. Two of these shafts contain skylights; the third camouflages a roof deck from a previous remodel. The roofline is also a continuous horizontal datum, breaking into an open trellis, allowing filtered light into the recessed portions of the fa�ade, and balancing the slight bow at the dining room, a memory of the previous bay window that broke the fa�ade.
The interior elements of the remodel were more straightforward. The owners had previously added a new master suite and artist studio. As they entertain extensively, the public spaces in the center of the house, and especially the kitchen were closely tied to the rear patio while maintaining a strong visual connection to the lake. Anticipating the needs of a growing family, a separate suite was created for their twin boys to play and entertain their friends in their rooms and yard separate from the adults in the public spaces.
Interior cabinet work and finished compliment the family warmth and natural feel of the house. The custom front door introduces these elements into the fa�ade as a foreshadow of the spaces within.
The patio and kitchen are the �heart� of the house; cooking and entertaining focus on the oven, outdoor fireplace, coy pond and barbeque in a totally private environment shaded by trees, and lush landscape.
Barry Milofsky is a Silver Lake resident and Principal Architect of M2A Architects, an award-winning team of architects providing innovative design and consultation for historic preservation, best known locally for the design of the new Silver Lake Library. He lives in the mid-century icon �Becker House�, originally designed by Gregory Ain (1938-40), which he restored in 2003-2007. Neal Pardee, the General Contractor on the house, also lives in Silver Lake.
The house is located at 2120 Rockford Road on the east side of Silver Lake Reservoir.