Kawaguchi House,Kawaguchi House, Eugene Kinn Choy 1955-56; Jack Levinson (Additions) 1973; Thomas Michna (Remodel) 2007 01 Kawaguchi House, Eugene Kinn Choy 1955-56; Jack Levinson (Additions) 1973; Thomas Michna (Remodel) 20071955-56; Jack Levinson (Additions) 1973; Thomas Michna (Remodel)
After completing his own personal residence at 3027 Castle Street in 1949, Architect Eugene Kinn Choy set about acquiring additional lots in the immediate neighborhood, designing more of his signature post-and-beam style residences, in conjunction with his oldest son, Barton Choy AIA, also a graduate of the University of Southern California, who joined the firm, Choy & Associates in the early 1970s. The house when completed consisted of a 26� x 40� single story with a detached carport.The house was acquired by Kiyoshi and Mizuye (nee Hiroshi) Kawagauchi in 1964. Kiyoshi, born in Marila, S. Paulo State, Brazil in 1936, immigrated with his parents to the United States as a three year old child in 1939 aboard the S.S. Montevideo Maru, arriving at San Pedro Harbor on July 23, 1939. The Kawaguchis hired architect Jack Levinson to expand the house in 1973, modifying the existing carport, and adding a second-story family room (which later became the master bedroom) and a bath where the carport (now garage once stood. Ownership of the house passed to Emmy Award-winning composer Greg Hale Jones in 2001. Jones won two national Emmy Awards and several New York Art Directors� Club Awards for his MTV and work with Disney. He won a Clio Award for his work with Henry Selick on the Nightmare Before Christmas. Greg passed in July 2004.

In 2007, the current owners hired architect Thomas Michna to assist in creating a cohesiveness between the original 1956 home and the 1973 addition. They were paid the ultimate compliment by Barton Choy who said, �My father would have loved it.�

The Kawaguchi House is located at in the Primrose Hill section.