James Eads How House, R.M. Schindler, Architect 1925In the How House, Schindler has addressed the challenges of a steep hillside lot in Silver Lake with the needs of his client, physician James Eads How, and has created a remarkable composition. Rather than the typical arrangement of placing the house squarely in line with the curb, Schindler has it placed on a diagonal. The ingenious interplay of glass and redwood provides a sense of transparency while affording privacy that harmonizes with the setting.

The How House is located at 2422 Silver Ridge Avenue in Silver Lake. It has undergone extensive renovation since purchased in late 2003. The property hit the market in September 2008 for almost $5 million. Owner Michael LaFetra redduced the price in June, and then the house went off the market last September. It , came back on the market in November 2009 priced at $2.795 million; as of May 2010 it was listed for sale for $2.495 million. Motion picture executive Brad Kembel and his partner Jimmy Ferrareze purchased the landmark in May 2012 for $1.3 million.

For more information about the architect, the book ‘R.M.Schindler’ by James Steele is highly recommended.