Architect Douglas Honnold collaborated with John Lautner on the design for the Hancock Residence, completed in 1949.  The double height living room windows provide dead-on views of Silver Lake, situated right across the street.  A diagonal brick wall buffers the front garden from public exposure providing privacy. The house is mentioned in the book ‘Modernism Rediscovered’ by Pierluigi Serraino & Julius Shulman, a collection of essays on ‘abandoned masterworks’ that have been rediscovered.

As with most lakeview homes, the windows are large and arranged to take advantage of the view. The room above the garage is most likey a later addition inasmuch as it does not appear in the original Shulman photograph. Located at 2107 West Silver Lake Drive.

Thanks to reader Steven E. Finkel for his excellent scholarship in identfying the Hancock Residence for our readers.