Gubel Residence, Gustavo Gubel 2000Argentina-born architect Gustavo Gubel designed the house as his personal residence in 2000. It was one of four featured homes on the Spring 2004 A.I.A. ‘Hills of Silver Lake’ Home Tour. Educated at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Gubel’s work has matured with experience and combines practicality with a relaxed elegance. Other works by Gubel in the Silver Lake area include the residence at 3438 Larissa Drive (1995) and the two Postmodern Mayan pyramids in the 1400 block of North Occidental Blvd. completed in 2005. Of the four homes on the AIA Spring Tour, the Gubel Residence was my personal favorite. His work draws on the influence of the great modernists like Richard Neutra (one of his self-confessed heroes) combined with an extensive use of natural materials (especially beautiful woods) that give his homes so much warmth.
The Gustavo Gubel Residence is located at 1661 Elevado Street.