Silver Ridge Avenue has been a ‘destination’ of sorts for architects ever since R.M. Schindler completed his signature ‘Howe House’ on the street in 1925. Succeeding generations followed suit, with Harwell Hamilton Harris designing the ‘Hawk House’ in 1939, J.R. Davidson‘s ‘Sabsay House’ followed in 1940, with Pasadena Architect A.E. Morris designing a handfull of duplexes between 1958 and 1964 (as well as his personal home and studio). More recently, architects Linda Kleine (2002) and Sean Briski (2006) called Silver Ridge ‘home’ with designs for their own personal residences. In 2003, Architect Barbara Bestor has continued the tradition with the completion of the Gregory Wong Residence. Infusing simple materials (including chain link) with high design, Bestor brings another piece of sculpture that is a joy to experience.

The Gregory Wong Residence is located at 2523 Silver Ridge Avenue.