'Music Box Steps Day'

Posted on: 2006-11-13

SILVER LAKE- Laurel & Hardy Fans from far and wide gathered for the ’12th Annual Music Box Steps Day’ on Saturday, November 11, 2006 to celebrate and enjoy the antics of Laurel & Hardy look-a-likes, Brian Patrick Mulligan and John Mackey. Magician/Comedian Reno Goodale and Music Man Charlie Cox were also on hand and kept the crowd entertained during the three hour festival.

There was plenty of food on hand, thanks to local merchants including Nicky D’s Wood-Fired Pizza. Organizer Vince Brook and his capable crew, consisting mostly of neighborhood activists from the Silver Lake Improvement Association are largely responsible for carrying off this event every year and the community owes them a vote of ‘thanks!’. In the crowd I spotted Becky SettlesGenelle LeVinLorraine KellsEric & Vanessa Chinchilla (and learned that Vanessa is pregnant!), and of course, Vince, who was running the projector and making sure everything worked out just right!

If you haven’t attended the ‘Music Box Steps Day’ and missed this year, check our calendar again about this time next year and plan to attend. The film, ‘The Music Box’ is classic Laurel & Hardy and was awarded an Oscar for Best Short in 1932.

Pictured are Stan Laurel (John Mackey), Reno Goodale, and Oliver Hardy (Brian Mulligan) surrounding Charlie Cox. The talented performers kept everyone in good spirits during ‘Music Box Steps Day’. For more pictures, please visit ‘Nieghborhood Pictures: 2006 Music Box Steps Day’ on this website.