Designed and built by the Los Angeles Bureau of Public Works with  John C. Shaw as  City Engineer and H.J. McGuire as President. This view, known as the Waverly Approach, was taken from the west side of the span and shows the handsome ornamental towers that combined with the Romanesque arches seen from below are the main architectural elements.
The Glendale/Hyperion Viaduct, popularly known as the Hyperion Bridge, was completed in June 1927. It was built by Salih Brothers, Contractors, during the term of George E. Cryer, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles. During its construction, H.J. McGuire was President of the Board of Public Works and Merrill Butler served as the Engineer of Bridges. It spans the Los Angeles River between Atwater Village and Silver Lake and Los Feliz. This picture was taken from the eastern (Atwater Village) side.