George C. Page Mansion, Angelus Architectural Services Co. 1927
The ‘rags to riches’ life story of entrepreneur George C. Page, the dynamic philanthropist who built the George C. Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries should be required reading for every Angelino. He lost his father at the age of five leaving his resourceful mother to raise two small boys. At the age of sixteen he came to Southern California from rural Nebraska, and founded Mission Pak, which specialized in packaging and mailing California fruits to folks who lived in colder climates. Within a relatively short period of time, George established other successful business ventures including a sports car manurfacturing complex, industrial parks, and building homes.Mr. Page never ceased to be grateful for all his blessings. His life was marked by great philanthropy. In addition to the Page Museum that bears his name, he established a youth center in Hawthorne, CA and provided major donations to both private and public institutions.

The Page Mansion is located at 2178 Kenilworth Avenue in the exclusive Moreno Highlands section of Silver Lake. Mr. Page had the home built for himself in 1937. The home originally had a grand entrance on Moreno Drive. Later, the property was subdivided and the lower half of the lot sold, necessitating a major change in the orientation of the house. It remains a handsome Tudor home.