Posted on: 2006-10-02

SILVER LAKE- The Committee to Save Silver Lake’s Reservoirs’ 2006 Home Tour ‘Silver Lake Modernism- Then & Now’ has now been completed after months of planning and thousands of hours of volunteer work. The event exceeded expectations with the Gala Reception at the Silvertop Estate selling out and many latecomers being turned away. Event Co-Chairs Lori Oddino and Dave Keitel pronounced the event a ‘huge success’, raising much needed funds for the CSSLR, a non-profit community benefit corporation established in 1988 and dedicated to ‘preserving the historical, aesthetic, ecological and public recreational benefits of Silver Lake’s open water reservoirs’, according to Andrew Sears, the group’s president.

The house tour featured nine significant Silver Lake properties designed by present and past Modernist architects recognized as masters of their craft, including Rudolph Schindler, Edward Fickett, Gregory Ain, Harwell Hamilton Harris, Rodney Walker, Richard Neutra, and Raphael Soriano; and two of their contemporaries, Ana Henton and John Southern. A Gala Reception was held after the tour at John Lautner’s fabled Silvertop and hosted by Philip and Jacklyn Burchill, who have lovingly maintained the magical home and generously offered it to causes in which they share a common vision and partnership.

For more news about the event and the Committee to Save Silver Lake’s Reservoirs, please visit the weblink below and visit ‘Neighborhood Pictures: 2006 Highlights of the CSSLR Home Tour ‘Silver Lake Modernism- Then & Now’ on this website.

Pictured are members of the Event Committee (L-R): Phil & Jackie Burchill, Dave Keitel, Lori Oddino, Catherine Stafford, Leslie Edmonds, Beth Knox, Andrew Sears, Michael Slater and Leni Fleming. Not Pictured: Michael Locke