Bob Stevens Apartments, Carl Maston 1953

I have passed this duplex a thousand times, and often wondered about its architectural provenance.  I had assumed it was designed by Kemper Nomland Jr. who built several small apartment complexes in the immediate vicinity of a similar nature.

My curiosity was piqued when in a discussion with architect Raúl Garduño’s ex-wife Barbara Trembley, she indicated that she and Raúl lived in the “Rodney Walker Apartments” located at 21953 Effie Street after which I decided that I had to find out for certain the truth of the matter.  After receiving a copy of the original building permit from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, I had the pleasant satisfaction of leaning that the Effie Street duplex was designed by none other than Carl Maston for Bob Stevens in 1953.  As far as I have been able to ascertain, the Effie Street duplex is the only property designed by Maston in Silver Lake.

Maston designed more than 100 buildings during a long career, including private residences, apartment buildings, shopping centers and large-scale institutional projects. He is best known for his experimental work in designing garden apartments.

The Bob Stevens Apartments are located at 2953-57 Effie Street.