Avenal Cooperative Housing Project, Gregory Ain, Architect, 1947In the 1940’s Gregory Ain designed several attached and detached housing projects that were notable for their site planning and innovation. These began with the Dunsmuir Flats in 1937, after which he received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1940. Other projects were planned, but few were built due to the aversion by financial institutions to provide funding. The Avenal Housing Project was one of his great successes. Built for a musician’s union to provide housing for its members, the condominiums provide remarkable separation and privacy employing such devices as sliding partition walls. Several of the ten units have undergone extensive restoration. Architect Gordon Olschlager received a Merit Award for his work on one of the units in 2005, adding storage and additional elements. The units are approximately 1100 square feet with private patios and entrances. The complex was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in February 2005.

The Avenal Cooperative Housing Project is located at 2839-2949 Avenal Avenue in Silver Lake.