Art Cans on Rowena Avenue

Posted on: 2007-01-22

A second installation of mosaic trash can/works of art have been placed along the Rowena Avenue commercial corridor and at Ralph’s Supermarket Plaza on Glendale Blvd. Members of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Beautification Committee first conceived the project in 2005 as a way of alleviating the trash problem on Sunset Blvd. Committee members came up with a design for a heavy-duty concrete trash can that could be inset with a mosaic art panel on each of its four sides. A ‘call for artists’ was sent out and the response was outstanding; the first year evidenced the completion of ten ‘artcans’ along Sunset Blvd. The 2006 Project succeeding in placing eleven art cans which have been adopted by local businesses that have agreed to empty them on an as-need basis.

Pedestrians and shoppers are already making good use of the cans. These new public works of art can be seen at the following locations: Ralphs Supermarket Plaza (panels by artist Julie Hunter Bagish and Girl Scout Troop No. 681); Silver Lake Auto Body and Edna Hart (panels by artist Helen Lessick); Curves (Bill Crite, Artist); Silver Lake Optometry and Rowena Chiropractic (Yuriko Etue, Artist); Ivanhoe School (adopted by Girl Scout Troup 681; Tabitha Fronk, Artist); Coffee Table and Curves (William Crite, Artist); Silver Lake Neighborhood Council (Cheri Gaulke, Artist) and the Flower Garden (Tabitha Fronk, Artist).

The project ‘harnesses the creativity of artists and Silver Lake’s civic-minded businesses to beautify Silver Lake and provide a positive solution to litter, ‘ according to Laura Dwan, Project Coordinator,  ‘eventually we hope to have a necklace of cans around Silver Lake.’  Michael Espinosa, Grant Manager, Office of Community Beautification, L.A. Department of Public Works added ‘I use the Art Cans Project in many of my presentations around the city. The project demonstrates a simple idea that helps alleviate a problem and at the same time creates a landmark that adds to the personality of the community.’

If you are interested in taking part of the beautifcation projects in Silver Lake, the Beautification Committee wants you! The Committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Silver Lake Neigbhorhood Council office, 2898 Rowena Avenue, Suite 101. For more information contact Noah Stein, Committee Chair by e-mail.

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