Mid-Century style designed by Gilbert Leong c. 1959 for Dr. Miguel Tirado and his family.  The house remained in the Tirado family until it was sold in June 2013 for $985,000 and described in the listings as “elegant geometry of Asian- influenced home design in the 60s shines brilliantly. Simple wood beams & warm wood ceilings frame the outspread Living Room. Textured carpets evoke tatami mats. A massive fireplace anchors the room, keeping you grounded while your spirit is elevated by the panoramic view of mountains & city. Knotty wood paneling in Dining Room, wall of brick with another fireplace, wood floor & ceiling give this room a distinctively rustic feel. Built-in bookcases in Dining Room & Hallway add detail & functionality. Original kitchen & baths w/ generous spaces. Pool with spectacular views of San Gabriel mountains”.

The new owners immediately hatched plans to demolish the house and replace it with five, three-story single-family homes through the city’s small-lot subdivision ordinance over the objection of neighbors.  On  December 5, 2013, the city’s Cultural Heritage Commission took under consideration the declaration of the house as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, a move that  would have prevented its demolition, however the commission rejected the proposal.

The Tirado-Lion-Peligri Residence is located at 2925 Waverly Drive.