The ‘Ultimate Bachelor Pad’ would adequately describe Harvey Steinberg’s residence, originally designed by Kiyohara, Moffitt & Shaver in 1991 and re-imagined by Designer James Halliday c. 1993. The residence has a decidedly futuristic and industrial look: exposed ducting, corrugated aluminum, stainless steel in a mostly black-and-white monochrome are the key design elements. The entrance opens to an upper gallery, which looks over the living room.

The Steinberg Residence is located at 3209 Windsor Avenue in the Primrose Hill Section of the Moreno Highlands of Silver Lake. It is currently (June 2007) listed for sale for $1,399,000.  Kiyohara & Moffitt also designed the Michael Roos Residence at 2105 Kenilworth Avenue (1989).  Ko Kiyohara, in association with architect Walter Abronson (EDC, Inc. Architects)also designed the Silverview Condominiums at 2330 Duane Street.

View of the Rear Terrace.

The Master Bedroom, Bath & Dressing Room are ensuite and feature abundant use of glass, skylights and a separate entrance to the rear terrace.

The Upper Gallery, as seen from the front entrance.

The Living Room, as seen from the Upper Gallery

The ulta-modern commercial kitchen.