I have driven by this house more than a hundred times, and always thought it was special: curved balcony railings, a few rounded stucco walls and an overall pleasant effect. My suspicions were confirmed today when I stopped by to compliment the owner on his beautiful house. It turned out that the gentleman I was speaking to was NOT the owner, but the father of the owner who asked me, ‘Have I you ever heard of William Kesling?’ I informed him that I indeed had, and he invited me in to see the interiors. The home had the unmistakeable quality of a Kesling Home: small but with elegant style. And of course it was in the area where there are about a half dozen or so surviving Keslings. He even showed me some fine old photographs taken by the great Julius Shulman of the house, and were given to the owner by Mr. Shulman.

The Collins House is located at 1709 Silverwood Terrace.

To learn more about the remarkable architecture and personality of William Kesling, there is a very fine book published by Balcony Press entitled:  ‘Kesling’s Modern Structures: Popularizing Modern Design in Southern California 1934-1962’, by Patrick Pascal, with photographs by Julius Shulman and David Sadofsky.

Update: The house recently (November 2012) came on the market offered for sale at $1,199,000. Described in the listing as ‘one of only a handful of Silver Lake houses by William Kesling, the Collins House, expresses the Streamline Moderne form, symbolizing the machine age optimism of the 1930’s. The rounded geometries of the facade continue in the horizontal bands of windows, in the curved interior magnesite staircase, and even in the curve of the exterior handrail approach, all classic elements of the style. The dramatic views of the Silver Lake Reservoir and the mountains beyond are visible through the light filled main living spaces as well as Kesling’s four vertical floor-to-ceiling windows in the master bedroom. The den could easily be converted to a third bedroom. The house was expanded to include a 3rd-story office, also designed to maximize the picturesque views of Silver Lake.’

Interior View.