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The Silver Lake News highly recommends Ref Rodriguez for LAUSD School Board District 5 and wishes to remind all eligible voters to get out the vote on May 19th! Dr. Rodriguez has spent his adult life working to improve his community in East and Northeast Los Angeles, opening public schools, serving as a lecturer at Loyola Marymount University, and supporting local teachers. The son of immigrants from Jalisco, Mexico, Ref grew up in Cypress Park and, after becoming the first in his family to graduate from college, Ref returned to his home in Northeast Los Angeles, determined to improve the community that raised him.

Ref started by helping to turn around the elementary school he once attended, working with teachers and parents to create a school that better served the needs of the community. Recognizing that parents deserved more and better public school options for their children, Ref opened the first of several public schools in his neighborhood under the banner “Partnerships to Uplift Communities.” The “partnerships” in the school’s name are with parents, teachers, students, and community stakeholders, the mission of which is to uplift communities by investing in the next generation. The PUC network of public charter schools is achieving graduation rates and test scores consistently higher than their local counterparts. Dr. Rodriguez is pictured with former CD-4 candidate Teddy Davis at a meeting of the Los Feliz Improvement Association at the Autry National Center.

The The Silver Lake News is proud to endorse Carolyn Ramsay for the Los Angeles City Council. As Chief of Staff and Field Representative for Council Member Tom LaBonge, Carolyn has an outstanding record over the past nearly 20 years of standing up for our local communities to create more parks and open space, reduce crime, and fix our crumbling streets and sidewalks. Her experience dealing with City Hall makes her the most qualified to lead us forward. And with voter participation expected to be at an all-time low, your participation in the process is needed now more than ever before.

Thanks to you, my recently published book, "Silver Lake Chronicles: Exploring an Urban Oasis in Los Angeles" continues to be a hot seller at local bookstores. Please keep spreading the word and if you haven’t already, please “Like” us on the Silver Lake Chronicles FACEBOOK page . In the meantime, my co-author Vincent Brook and I are working on a follow-up work tentatively entitled Silver Lake Chronicles II: Iconoclasts, Bohemians & Visionaries of the Modern Age.

For our readers with an appreciation for architecture, Los Angeles is a treasure trove, however due to its vast size (469 sq. miles!) it could take a lifetime to explore! The City of the Angels has over 1025 officially-designated historic-cultural monuments in addition to the many architectural wonders that have no official designation. It is my pleasure to share my personal discoveries with you, our readers on my page "Treasures of Los Angeles Architecture". Many of the images shown here are well-recognized, however, I hope that you will "find something new'" every time you return for a visit. Pictured is the Max Van Lewen Swarthout Residence designed by David F. Picken in 1924. Picken designed the Spanish Colonial Revival style residence for Max van Lewen Swarthout, Dean of the School of Music at the University of Southern California for twenty four years and two terms as President of the California Music Teachers Association. El Rodeo, the University yearbook commented in 1938, "in addition to directing the affairs of the school and teaching piano, Professor Swarthout has conducted a series of radio addresses and public lectures to further spread the fame of the school." Professor Swarthout died on June 7, 1954.

The Silver Lake News takes great pride in being a resource for the exploration of Los Angeles' built environment, especially SILVER LAKE. Historians, vacationers, curiosity seekers and everyday Angelinos have found THE SILVER LAKE NEWS architectural pages a great go-to guide for learning more about our architectural heritage. Want to learn more? "Silver Lake on the Map" is a virtual map giving an overview of the communities built environment complete with driving directions; the SILVER LAKE ARCHITECTURE is a showcase of Silver Lake in high resolution photos; the SILVER LAKE ARCHITECTURE tells the story of Silver Lake's built environment and "Treasures of Los Angeles Architecture" explores the City of Los Angeles in stories and pictures. For further edification, you may also want to visit my FLICKR pages for stories and high quality images.

A final reminder: The"Silver Lake News" is a community-minded “newspaper" offering free advertising and promotion deemed of interest to the Silver Lake community. If you would like to add your business or community event to our pages, simple look for the “add-your-submission" icon in the upper right-hand corner of any MENU item. You will be prompted to add your information. Questions? Call the Editor, Michael Locke (323) 644-3338.

Silver Lake Architecture on the Map

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