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Pardon our Dust! We’re in the early stages of reformatting and redesigning The Silver Lake News and at least for the short run, there will undoubtedly be a lot of changes not to mention glitches.  The process has been a mind-boggling; the effort to save and reformat twelve years of archived stories and photos in the span of less than 30 days  has been herculean, but with the last minute heroics by web genius Rick Thompson were getting the job done. Please stay tuned for exciting developments on the site as we make every effort to improve and enhance the site.  Our “first” front page photos under our new format offer three vintage views of Silver Lake (L-R):  under construction c.1905; in an undated photo shortly after the reservoir was initially filled c.1908 and the reservoir as it appeared in 1927 along West Silver Lake Drive.  (Photos courtesy of USC Riverside Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives; Bonadamin Family Archives and Chris Nichols, Associate Editor, Los Angeles Magazine, respectively); all photos may be found in the book, Silver Lake Chronicles:  Exploring an Urban Oasis in Los Angeles.

LA Architecture 4 Sale. As a realtor, I try to visit as many open houses as I can during the week. Normally I bring my camera along, not only as a memory of my visit, but also to create a permanent archive of architectural photographs for the Los Feliz Improvement Association of which I am a board member. If you are looking for a home to buy in the Los Angeles market, or if you simply enjoy taking an ‘arm-chair’ tour of the neighborhood, I hope you will enjoy the journey. NOTE: These wonderful homes were available for sale as of the date they were posted. Photos have been posted with the most recent offerings being posted first. Please keep in mind that the Los Angeles real estate market is a fast-moving target! If you have an interest in seeing any of them, please call me first to check availability. I look forward to working with you! Pictured is the John Southern Home & Studio, Urban Operations 2005 in Silver Lake listed for $1.2M. For more details, please visit John Southern Home & Studio, John Southern, Urban Operations 2005

Thanks to you, my recently published book, “Silver Lake Chronicles: Exploring an Urban Oasis in Los Angeles” continues to be a hot seller at local bookstores. Please keep spreading the word and if you haven’t already, please ‘Like’ us on the Silver Lake Chronicles FACEBOOK page. In the meantime, my co-author Vincent Brook and I are working on a follow-up work tentatively entitled Silver Lake Bohemia: How America’s Hipster Capital Got Its Mojo

For our readers with an appreciation for architecture, Los Angeles is a treasure trove, however due to its vast size (469 sq. miles!) it could take a lifetime to explore! The City of the Angels has over 1025 officially-designated historic-cultural monuments in addition to the many architectural wonders that have no official designation. It is my pleasure to share my personal discoveries with you, our readers on my page “Treasures of Los Angeles Architecture“. Many of the images shown here are well-recognized, however, I hope that you will “find something new'” every time you return for a visit.

The Silver Lake News takes great pride in being a resource for the exploration of Los Angeles’ built environment, especially SILVER LAKE. Historians, vacationers, curiosity seekers and everyday Angelinos have found THE SILVER LAKE NEWS architectural pages a great go-to guide for learning more about our architectural heritage. Want to learn more? “Silver Lake on the Map” is a virtual map giving an overview of the communities built environment complete with driving directions; the SILVER LAKE ARCHITECTURE is a showcase of Silver Lake in high resolution photos; the SILVER LAKE ARCHITECTURE tells the story of Silver Lake’s built environment and “Treasures of Los Angeles Architecture” explores the City of Los Angeles in stories and pictures. For further edification, you may also want to visit my FLICKR pages for stories and high quality images.

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